From Microbiology to Strategic Purchase and Supply Chain at Decathlon International

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From Microbiology to Strategic Purchase and Supply Chain at Decathlon International

From Microbiology to Strategic Purchase and Supply Chain at Decathlon International

Pedro Castro works in France, in the Strategic Purchase and Supply Chain at Decathlon International. With a background in Biotechnology, the business world was always very appealing for Pedro, who was more committed to create new projects and products, with a commercial approach, than just working as a researcher. The professional shift happened after the General Management Programme, that is celebrating its 66th edition with an Alumni meeting, on February 23.

Despite his background in Biotechnology, more specifically in Microbiology, where he could combined two passions - science and technology - Pedro always felt the appeal for the business world. Even in college, his biggest motivation was not just working in pure lab scientific investigation, but using scientific knowledge to create new projects and products, with a commercial perspective.


Three years after the graduation, Pedro Castro became an entrepreneur and created BioWorks. “It was an incredible experience of five years. I still keep following up the innovation and advances in this area, as I’m still passionate about it. After that project, my ambitions were focused on working in an international company, which would allow me a big professional challenge, with a worldwide multicultural scope”, he says.


The career shift happened in 2011, after the training in Porto Business School and the experience as an entrepreneur. “This was a key moment in my career, absolutely”, says the Alumnus. And the impact of this experience was “massive”, not only as a professional but also as a person. “My three main goals with the training were very clear: increase my overall management skills, develop a personal and professional network for the future and get the right insight for the next big move in my career”, remembers Pedro Castro.


The General Management Programme gave him a modern, agile and insightful way of seeing the practice of management in its different areas, but also the contact with large and diverse domains allowed him to connect new theory and case studies with experience in perfect harmony. “I felt that with this new background I was ready to make a big move and definitely enter in the management area with solid skills, a renewed approach and inspirational vision”, he says.


And it was after the experience at Porto Business School that Decathlon appeared in his story.  First in Portugal, where Pedro worked as a Supply Production Leader in Metal Sector, then in Plastic Sector, and since 2014 as a Strategic Industrial Buyer, at Decathlon International, in France. Pedro Castro is also responsible for a global project management between the Design & Conception of the Sports Brands and the industrialization, production and delivery of the products in stores by the production network.


Porto Business School training helpedp him to develop very important skills to his current position, in areas such as Strategic Planning, Supply Chain and Team Management, which are the main pillars in his current activity. “My mission is to develop in a sustainable and competitive way, a worldwide production network able to produce, transport and deliver the goods in stores for our sports users around the globe”. 


The daily challenges are huge since the day he left Portugal.  “The transition from Porto to Lille, in France, was one of my biggest life challenges, in a personal and professional perspective. I needed to quickly adapt to a multicultural organisation, with an incredible human diversity around the world, from Europe to Asia, passing by Latin America or Russia, which created a lot of stress and the need to perform at the highest level in a completely new scope of action. The negotiations, the business relationships, leading teams for a distance, with huge levels of local autonomy, are elements that require a customized way to manage by region and push for the integration of different management skills, in the right proportions”, he says.


For the near future, Pedro Castro foresees a new career change within Decathlon, moving towards a position related to Marketing & Corporate Branding or Sports Design Language. “For the next 5 to 10 year’s vision I have the feeling of getting back to my entrepreneur’s vein. It might happen sooner rather than later”, he concludes.


Pedro Castro is an alumnus of the General Management Programme that will start its 67th edition by March 2018. With a network of more than one thousand alumni, on the next 23rd of February the General Management Programme Alumni get together in an exclusive networking event, in Porto Business School. Tiago Forjaz, Chief Dream Officer of MighT, is the invited speaker of this session that will adress the future in career management and recruitment. Register here.