From Syria to Portugal: “MBA is not like buying a book. We buy an experience.”

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From Syria to Portugal: “MBA is not like buying a book. We buy an experience.”

From Syria to Portugal: “MBA is not like buying a book. We buy an experience.”

Anas Husaria is a Syrian who has been in Portugal for four years. He has lived in four countries - Syria, Jordan, Germany, and Portugal - and visited more than 12. Anas was fascinated by our country, where he found tranquillity, quality training and new career opportunities. At The Magellan MBA he found much more than a life change. He found a support network and a “true family”.

Portugal was not in the plans, but this would be the country that Anas Husaria chose to live. "My goal was to travel to either Europe or the US, but most of all I was looking for a scholarship so I could study abroad independently. Initially, Portugal was not in the plans, but there was an opportunity for a master's degree and I applied". 


Four years have already passed since Anas decided to leave his home country of Syria looking for new opportunities and to further his education. He chose Portugal because it’s a “quiet” country, where he found the peace he sought and became a fan of Futebol Clube do Porto. He loves football and is a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, he says in a jokingly.


After a master's degree at Lusófona University, came the MBA at Porto Business School. For the background in Finance, Anas had already mastered management concepts and techniques, so he even had an advantage over his classmates, most of whom were engineers. “What I got the most out of, was the business case study of various companies around the world. I acquired the teamwork skills to achieve certain goals, often under tight deadlines. So it was important for me to extend my own limits, to exceed my own boundaries and see that I can do more”.


He goes on to say that in Porto Business School he found much more than a business school with quality training at the highest level, “We were part of the family and I felt it. One of the best things that happened in my life was this MBA (...) I already thought I was a person with an open mind and I think I have become even more open to other cultures, more tolerant of others. I lived in places and with people from all over the world, in a multicultural environment, so I learned a lot from all of them. And Portugal gave me something else; it gave me peace of mind”, says Anas, expressing gratitude for all the support he had had since the beginning of integration in the country, as well as during and after training, through the Alumni network and the Career Services through initiatives that promote interaction and networking between students and the market.


What changed after the MBA


Anas has worked as a product manager in the sales area as a consultant in international companies, including Unicer, MABCO, KPMG, and Sonae.  He has also co-founded the Business Help Education Center in Syria to support young students in economics and management, and he has participated in volunteer projects.


Since 2014 in Portugal, where he bet on his training and worked in the financial area, the MBA has brought him a multi-level experience of change and the opportunity to embrace a new challenge: a new position as a financial advisor at Siemens, where he will participate in IT projects. “It is an area in which I still need to learn a lot, and that will allow me to integrate my knowledge of finance. This is where the MBA comes in handy because it takes advantage of our background in other areas and sectors as we are not limited to one single task. This was one of the opportunities I had with the MBA”, he says.


After completing the MBA in 2017, Anas says that the training not only brought new professional opportunities, but also opened horizons to several new levels. "My main goal is to be a citizen of the world. I want to preserve contact with this global network of networking people and also with the global companies and institutes I’ve come to know because I still believe in globalization.  I believe in the need for one country to do business in another and I like to be close to those networks and connections. In order to this, it’s important to gain an understanding of the culture of these countries and how they do business.  The MBA gave me an opportunity to gain that understanding.” he says.


The Magellan MBA Alumnus has no doubts that Porto Business School is on par with the best schools in the world and it doesn’t lose competitiveness because of its location in Porto because "it maintains the connection with central points and other cities like New York , Madrid and the companies of the city”, he says. “At Porto Business School, I saw people's dedication to ensuring that the students could have a better experience, from the day they enter, interview, try to understand what we are looking for, and they always try to update the criteria, their processes and operations to  meet the expectations of the students and the needs of the market. So next year's MBA will have a more update version and that's a very positive point. It's not like buying a book where it's always the same. Here, we buy an experience”, he concludes.